Reality check

My last night before I depart St Jesn PiedDePort. Cute place, I really just want to stay here, fall in love , build a really great garden, cook all the time, and drink wine. Kids could come visit.
I don’t think my pics have done this place justice. People are great, every day literally 1000 of people converge on they’re little town , all for the same reason as I, discovery. Old, young, rich, poor, black, white from every country. They don’t judge, everyone is a pilgrim. For me today, I woke In my comfy bed, thank you very much. Walked literally 5 miles in circles to find a laudermat, when I asked where is the Laverie , they sent me to the appliance store that sells washing machines. Yea! Then later I went to the ATM to withdraw money only to find out they use # and my pin isl letters, try to explain that to the teller. So any-who, after my pity party , I purchased, long johns, gloves and my cute French hat to secure my warm tomorrow( snowing in the Pyrenees)WTF.
Not to fret, I met a couple ,Mark is French Canadian and Sylvie is from Brittney France. They have been hiking, different paths for the last month.(seasoned). I will head out with them tomorrow ,so I feel, rain or snow, I’m in good company. Im back in my comfy bed, yes, guilt ridden. with my grogg(what we americans call a hot tody) hot water, rum and lemon, my hotel host promises a good sleep. I’m hopeful. So with hope in mind, strong back, good feet , My next post will be top of the Pyrenees 4000 ft up. Buen Camino





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