Day 2 shoulda had the boots

It’s still snowing up the mountain, up to 6 ft, no one allowed up, so we get bussed to valcarus, lower trail on other side of mtn. No wind today, light rain. The trail reminded me of the trails behind my house in Oregon.(miss Oregon) still steep constant inclined. My legs certainly got the work out today, we got 7 miles, when it started to snow, WTF. Made it to Roncesnou and checked into my hostel that bunks 180 frozen pilgrims. The hotel across the street looks real good right now. Hey if I can drudge up 8 miles of steep mountain, rain, wind and snow, I can bunk with the best of them, right. Anyway they put me in a quad of 4, me and 3 grey haired 60 yr old frenchmen. Oah La La, lucky me. I’ve been invited for drinks at local pub. So I will send some picks and off I go. Hard getting good long distant shots, fog was too thick, but the scenery is spectacular. Hoping Tommorrow will clear up, from here it’s all down hill, in the Basque Country of Spain.




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