I forgot the snow boots

The last days have been quite the experience. One I didn’t anticipate, or maybe warned, but still didn’t comprehend. So I set off from SJPP at 8am, no sleep, I was writing a prologue to a book. Unable to locate my new friends Mark and Sylvie, so I wait, too scared to set off on my own. Find a Korean man named Alan asked if I would like to walk with him. This is Alan second Camino. Good guide to have. We get about 4 miles up the mountain, steep, the view is breathtaking, lots of sheet farms. When the wind starts, then the rain. We make it to Orizzon, oasis from the cold. We get out bunk, hot meal and sit by the fire. Nice 1st day, my feet, back and knees in good shape. When the snow blizzard starts, seriously, people had to come back it was that bad , they wound up busing them back down the mtn because no ro I’m at the inn. I feel very lucky, My host Jean Marc was an absolute doll, cute, too bad married. Great cook and fun evening by the fire.







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