R Rated as in Rioja

I stayed in Obanos last night in a small hostel of 24, our pilgrim dinner was served in a local bar. Local trout and frites with some kind of purée. Didn’t sleep well , I hurt my knee on the descent from alto del Petdon. Anyway set out alone today, walked around 3 miles when Met Al. After only an hour or so, Al started talking about rear ends and breast.i immediately am looking for the closest pilgrim, none around,no escape route when you are literally in the middle of nowhere. I thinking im in deep shit. WTF. So it turns out Al is a sex therapist and he was just tring to help me based on what I told him as to “why are you doing the Camino” no that a problem with sex. Anyway long story short, we get to the town of Lorca, Al sees a bar and says Hola and off he went to leave for the next 3 miles of solitude. Made it to the town of Villatuerta , In an adorable private hostel sleeps 20. Our host Simone is cooking chicken for us, my friends Allen and Brenda ( who I lost in Obanos) thrilled to see them, found guitars and our entertainment tonight. I bought a brace for my knee, tomorrow’s climb is mount monkardin another 790 m. Pray for my knees and sunshine please !!!!!!0









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