Trail to Perdon

Pamplona is a big city , couldn’t wait to leave. Maybe another time with the right person, it has an abundance of history, places to visit, bars etc. just not this trip. Once outside Pamplona you immediately see the huge wind turbines on the hill, Alto del Perdon. 790 m climb thru fields of I think wheat, it rippled in the wind like waves , pretty awesome . Halfway up I ran into Armond and Jesus picking snails from the flowers. They showed me they’re harvest and told me they saut√©ed in butter and add ham from the leg( pointed to leg) since my Spanish is very limited, I depend on universal sign language and lots of nods. Anyway I wanted so bad to follow them home so I could try they’re snail dish. Oh we’ll, up I went. The little I know about Alto del Perdone, also know as the Hill of Forgiveness. This ws my first experience of reflection in this heavenly spot. I felt like I was on top of the world. And if the truth be told , I am one hell of a lucky girl.







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