Wheres the Big Mac

Today I want to curl up in a warm lap with warm arms wrapped around me. I want to hear all is right with the world. Today I’m having a rough time of it. After a fun night of song and a lot of wine, some of the best Vallencia Style Paella ever, I woke a little hung over.
My day was very cold, windy and constant rain. The climb was rough on my knee and my body is really aching. As I’m walking with head down, not enjoying the scenery, wondering what the hell Am i doing this crazy thing for. What is wrong with me ? why do I feel I need this self inflicting pain ?
After only 12 km
I finally arrive in Villa Montjardin at a hostel of 48 bunks( not a comfy hotel in sight. ) I would have caved.
I’m sure my host, Anthony ( 82 yrs old) was feeling my pain. This wonderful old man carried my heavy back pack up 4 flights of stairs. Then got me 2 heavy blankets for my bunk. I slept and cried for hours. When I finally woke and dragged my worm traveled body out of bed, I reflected my day. I want to go home to my beautiful amazingly supportive daughters, who will do anything for me, even allow mom to do this crazy trail of reflection. Today I’m feeling lonely, but with my daughters I will never be alone.
I love you both with all my heart.
Off I go to find a Ham bur gasa,


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