Back on the trail after a day of R and R

Tuesday, day 10. I’m in Najero East of Santo Domingo. I’m about 120 miles into my 500 mile trek. After my 1 day of R&R my knee is ready ( I hope) . Thanks to texting and my friend Melanie, I was about to get from the Farmacia pain medication for my rodillo, 500 mil of naproxen. Brandy told me to deep massage on upper thigh and ice it. Thank you my friends, it worked and I think I can go on.
My rest day was in a beautiful Hotel Los Augustinos in Haro, an old monastery built in 1020, that just amazes me . I did the wine tour at Muga Vineyard all in Spanish (didn’t understand a word) called my wine rep , Candice, and ordered a case of Prada and Torro, fantastic wines soon to be available at the coffeehouse. I really didn’t want to leave the Big bed and bathtub. But I have to go on. The forecast is more rain, possible sun Tommorrow. Our climb is 745 m over Ciruenta and 22 k to Santo Domingo.
I read this in my guide book, ” Yesterday is history, tommorrow a mystery and today a gift-that is why it is called the present”!







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