The legends of Santo Domingo

The legend of the Hen. The daughter of an inn keeper took a fancy to a young boy. He dismissed her advances so in anger she put a silver goblet in his bag and accused him of steal . He was sentenced to be hanged. His parents where unaware of this happening and left. When they went back they tried to convince the sheriff of his innocence. The sheriff told them that he was as dead as the hen on his dinner plate, when the hen stood up and crowed. The boy was pardoned and the hen is now a permanent symbol in this cathedral.
The church was build 1040, it is the most amazing church I have ever seen. It’s Also the burial tomb for Saint Domingo. I could not stop taking pictures, every intricate detail was amazing. From the free masons architectural designs of the church itself to the woodworkers design of the choirs pews, art work, sculptures, stain glass. The gold and silver in each alter, even the elaborate chicken coop that still houses the famous hen. I can’t describe it enough so I hope my photos will give an idea.
The hostel I stayed at last night was Cisterciense also built in 1040, run by nuns. 180 beds and no heat. The only saving grace was huge fireplace in the Hall. Everyone sat around the fire to get warm and many stories told, the nuns even entertained us with song, I made lots of friends and had alot of fun.














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