Nobody expects the Spanish Inquesition

Last I left you was in San Domingo. Lovely city with tremendous amount of Spanish history. This particular saint was kicked out of the ministry because he was illiterate, so he became a hermit, leaving in the hills. I don’t have pics, but the hill side is full of these old historical caves that were at one point lived in. St Dominic was intimately linked because he dedicated his life to this town and the pilgrims who passes thru by building the roads and bridges. I’m not sure who was more honored in this particular town, him because of his namesake, or the cock in the cathedral.
From there it was 24km to Belorado this was rolling hills of I think barley, and yellow flowers,which could possibly be canola oil plants, no one to ask. It was 7 hours of complete solitude. Right before Belorado it was along a very busy highway about 8 km, scary at times. Somewhere in there I went thru what I call Spain’s twight light zone, it was a moderne town with probably 2000 new condos, a beautiful golf course, kids play ground, swimming pool. All immaculately kept. OK, not a single, car,dog, cat,human, nothing , weird, weird, right out of 1960 twight light zone movie. Really freaky. So less then 2 km I’m in Villamayor, abandoned medieval village dating back to 14th century, start of the Spanish Inquisition, where they literally hung people if you didn’t convert to cathicalisim , I think in this town every person was hung. Only ruins remain. So I’m thirsty and across the busy highway is a hotel/restaraunt. Off the Camino path. I venture anyway. It’s kind upscale, higher, great wine list, menu looks extrodunary. So I go in. The man behind the counter comes running out to shoe me away, now remember, I Iook like the fluorescent green mithcelin tire guy, because its still freaking cold. And I’m a pilgrim. ( I guess perceived as a transient). And he did not want my kind in his restaraunt. Long story short again. I sat anyway, pissed him off, damn it I was hungrey and was not about to pass up what was to be my best meal in Spain so far. We eventually became good buds, I had a great meal and we became good friends. I wanted to mail home some of his Spanish hams he had hanging from his ceiling curing. My kinda place. So on to Belorado.
Found a cute small hostel, 48 beds, but no wifi, and very cold. I just slept.
On to San Jun de Ortega 24 km. this was literally in the asshole of Spain, I don’t know how else to discribe it. Horrible dirty, filthy, I curled up in my silk sheet and cloths I had on, slept till the sun was coming up and ran out of there. Awful place.
On to Burgos, 28 km. the sun peaked thru the clouds, I got a shot of the city with sun rays shining thru. That was my one spiritual moment, I said hallaloha !
I came down from over 1000m all down hill into Burgos, more fields, came across an ancient burial ground of the earliest known human beings. Anyway there was some type of celebration amount the locals , couldn’t quite crasp it, me being a foreigner, I was still curious, so I ventured. Spent most of an hour, looking, because I didn’t understand the writing. I was drawn to a book once read to me called” clan of the cave bears” and really think that this celebration, exhibite could be about the two extinction of human mankind in this place. St Juan de Ortega( Spain’s asshole) just over the ridge to Spain’s jewel, Burgos over 2000 years ago. The scope of history in this place is overwhelming.
So here I am in Burgos. Forced by a huge blister to take another rest day.
I know everyone knows Monty python skits . Remember the penis song”, that one will be tomorrow’s post.
Massive amounts of pics to follow.

















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