Ex Malo Bolum

“Out of bad comes good”. The Camino is suppose to help us to reflect . We all come here thinking, we hope to find something. Some spiritual, some enlightenment, some love . The one thing in everyone of us , we are all searching for something. None are obvious. And until that question is asked and it almost always is ” why are you on the Camino”?
My answer is ” I have to learn ,how to not let my heart be broken. Since childhood.
“I have to learn ,out of bad comes good. It always does. I have to learn to follow my heart and not lead with it. I have to learn to trust myself. Be honest with myself. I invest everything into a relationship , for what? I need to learn to invest in me.
I honestly don’t know if finding god will help me. I don’t know ,if this Camino is going to help me find answers. I do know, this is crazy, and enduring, and strenuous, and a challenge. Physically and emotionally. This is not a vacation . I am determined to see this thru to Santiago , possibly Finistere. Yes my feet and knees hurt. However , I am blessed with this opportunity to challenge myself and a will do it to the end. Who gets this chance in a life time. I am 1/3 thru, I’ve walked almost 300 km in 14 days. WOW!!! That’s like walking to Ft Lauderdale. Holy Shit!! Have I learned anything yet ? Not a thing about myself, I’m still suffering. Nothing spiritual no enlightenment thus far. Possibly patience. I love Spanish Wines. And the Tapas are to die for. I’m learning about Spanish history , I really do enjoy the churches , I do love seating thru the masses, i am amazed at the architect . I’m learning that we Americans are spoiled rotten little brats, we take everything for granted. We don’t understand the importance in value or values. It is a different world over here. We should all have this opportunity to see the difference.
I can’t thank you all enough for following me thru this journey , it means a lot to read your comments and your words of encouragement. I do feel truly blessed and lucky . Continue to hang with me, like I said I’m only 1/3 thru and hell , who knows maybe a light will shine down on me and give me guidance . Maybe I’ll learn I had the answer all along.

“What disasters may come
Whatever it may be
At the end of the age
It will land you and me
What tragedy may bring
Whatever may fall
At the end of the world
You’ll still belong”

I promised the penis song, it’s not Monty Pythons, it’s just freaking funny.

http://m.youtube.com/#the penis song


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