I say mesata, you say senda…………

I’m in what they say is the hardest stage of the Camino. Between Carrion and Leon, the meseta. I loved the few days of sunshine. The road and travels where difficult. The towns or villages far and few. The road is an original roman road, the Senda. mostly used for irrigation. I’m fantasying Ben Hur with horses and chariot. The land is flat with miles of farm land, more wheat. The path between Sahagun and Leon has new tree saplings planted every few feet, so someday the pilgrims can walk in shade.Occasional Romanesque churches, monuments and silos. I came across wild lavender fields, if I got hungry, I could build a fire and cook snails. Artichokes, onions and potato . I can live off the land here. I even picked a few hermit homes that could be fixed up nicely, dried lavender hanging in the doorway, with Donkey to boot. Jamon curing , Manchego aging. What more would a girl need, Living happily ever after with Ben Hur.
I’ve been very much alone ,for the first time. Most pilgrims took the bus in Carrion and skip this stage. Only the diehards continued. Im questioning , why I didn’t. Could be my heart was telling me to go for it, my feet screaming don’t. I’m proud of what I accomplished so far.
I haven’t seen an American in days, actually I haven’t seen people very much except at the hostels and very few speak English. My mind is certainly exhausted from just trying to get what I need by lack of communication . The solitude is also exhausting, but for me necessary and I somehow appreciated. I still haven’t reached an epiphany ,or feel anymore spiritual. If god was speaking to me. It was through food preparation and fantasies. I came across a meditation ring, you see a lot of them in remote areas. It works like this. You pick up a rock ,start on the outer circle , ask a question to the universe, start walking till you get to the center, put down your rock and you will know your answer. I tried it, felt disappointed ,then turned around and got my answer. Wow, the universe does speak to me.
My next stop is Leon 18 km , I can’t wait. More necessary R&R , and hopefully see some familiar faces, although I’m sure they are days ahead of me. I’ve passed the halfway point and guide book says the best is yet to come in Galicia. It considers itself independent of Spain, the land is similar to the Highlands, very Celtic and Gallic is spoken. I just finished the Diane Galbaldon highlander series, which took place in the Highlands during the 1700’s, so I’m looking forward to the scenery, plus of course Seafood and more great wines. However it is back in mountains, my knee is aching, just thinking about it. Someone took a liking to my black weather pants off the cloths line. Hope they liked them as much as i did. So I’m down to just my rain cover pants and shorts. Possible new purchase in Leon.
Mesata, Senda let’s call the whole thing off. For a day or 2 at least. Buen Camino

















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