The Great Northwest, and so the romance continues ..,.,

Deb and Jim’s wedding, who would have thunk , smoking dope is the norm. Single malt scotch is the rave . Technology is a sickness and being single is tabu, a mathematical optimization method. Seattleites are known to wear ear plugs while seating at a bar, drinking a fine glass of wine or scotch, and not socialize at all. They’re has to be an unground sub culture, or Seattle’s future will be a Michael Crighton Book. Oh, they’re already is one.
After leaving France in July, I went back to Florida and my family. I spent the last 6 weeks trying to put my Camino into prospective. Did I enjoy it? What did I learn? Am I glad I did it? And would I do it again? I know I’m feeling lazy since my return, I have very little ambition. I know what I need to do, I just can’t seem to be inspired. So I’m off traveling again to the great Northwest for inspiration.
My longtime best friend , Kim, lives in Kingston across the sound from Seattle. Another dear friend, Janet and husband Paul drive up from Eugene, Oregon to meet us and attend another of our childhood friend, Deb’s nuptials to Jim.
My first night in Seattle, I cooked a filet of Sockeye Salmon, marinated in orange juice, teriyaki and cayenne pepper on the grill. Fresh from the garden corn on the cob and Brussels sprouts, both tossed with lite olive oil, salt and pepper and also grilled. Simple, my friends are always blown away with how I can throw an awesome meal together in less then an hour. It’s what I do . Maybe I should do chopped and become famous, it could help cookbook sales. The meal was great ,served with a bottle of Sweet Cheeks Pinot Noir. The girls later danced on the deck under the moon to 80’s music, legally stoned in the State of Wahington. Great night😍
Tomorrow Pikes Market with a Camino friend, Jackon, local Seattle Atty, who I met on the trail in Spain.
Jackson is a Seattleite , who happens to love food and wine, so he promises to show me and my friend, the underground, of Seattle’s Best. I can’t wait, for me it’s more romance.















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